The daily Tao

I sat breathing and smiling on the public transit bus to work. I enjoy this downtime to prepare for the day and the riders in seats near me seem to instantly understand as their conversation often ends or drifts and sputters until they grow silent.  Meditation is contagious.

This morning as the sun came and went across my face I did what I always do and focused only on the breath as it entered my nose and left my mouth. Breath is the ultimate metaphor for receiving and letting go without attachment. Its also a way to tune out of me through me and into a greater ease with all the sacred treasures of our world also breathing in and out at the same time. 

Nothing is as inexhaustible as breath.  Like the Tao itself it gives without exception, it asks for nothing and does not show its work.I like that idea of not having to show our work, simply doing it is enough.

Its difficult to imagine the Earth not always giving us air or our breath failing us. These things are present gifts from the moment of birth until death. They require no effort or thought which is why they are the essence of truth. They tell us our place as receivers and givers without effort.

This is how I want to live my life. Flowing with my breath without effort yet knowing it is a sacred form of prayer as ancient and real as the Great Redwoods rising from the dirt and sanctifying it with their own breath.

Consider that your breath gently rises and falls and that the same particles you breathe have been consumed and expelled by every living thing before you and after you. We all breath together and it is a miracle.

You are my breath and my prayer today. You are beyond loved. You are love itself.  I breathe you and I am grateful.


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