Chicken Diaries: the way of the peaceful rooster and the non violent path.

Star Moon is in harmony with no interest in coop drama.  He is a grey downy ball from the tip of his head right down to his feet which look like he’s wearing slippers. His head dress sticks straight up as if he’s over used the gel.  His improbable long neck, tall hair and furry feet make him a total charmer.  This rooster is one chick magnet yet is neutral expressing little interest.  He is in the corner of the garden away from the group gently seeking out seeds and once in a while lets out a low, lyrical warble.  He has no interest in violence, status or rooster ego. His fellow rooster room mate, Happy, often calls him out but Star Moon is an impeccable practitioner of Ahisma or the principal of non violence.

Happy will run at him with his chest puffed out and head slightly down.  Star Moon does not run back at him nor will he run away.  He just stands precisely in his spot and continues doing what he does regardless of what Happy has in mind.  Star Moon disarms Happy often by greeting his aggression with a pleasant expression, no reaction at all or by looking at him head turned sideways as if to say; “Hey friend, what’s on your mind?”  Happy is so shocked he walks away quite literally shaking his head. Star Moon may approach Happy a few moments later and drop a snack at his feet with a convivial collegial chirp and give him a feather or beak tap.

While Happy crows, struts, chases and works hard to keep the flock in line Star Moon is content and joyful. He appears to sense no competition and have no need for hierarchy. He is known to roost for long periods in total silence looking peacefully toward the sun.

Star Moon has no interest in his place nor his legacy. He is interested in enjoying his garden, observing the changes in the plants and seeds, the wind direction and the life around him.  He takes it second to second sometimes stopping what he is doing to sit and close his eyes. He is by no means a door mat or a wimp. If he wanted to participate in drama or conflict it would be simple for him to sway the flock and he’s as equipped as Happy to get physical but his power lies elsewhere.

He is simple and unmoving in his patience preferring to show the futility in conflict by just standing in place quietly and allowing the others to wear themselves out or shadow box as he won’t engage in it.  Once the others like Happy have blown through their moody storm he sits with them in compassionate support.

Star Moon, like his name, has higher aspirations than pecking order. He knows his truth is in letting go and living freely.  As time goes by and he continues in his peaceful acceptance practicing Ahisma challenges occur less often and when they happen they end quickly as Star Moon does the one thing most never consider in such situations–absolutely nothing. He stands. That’s all.

Gandhi wrote that he dreamed of a day when animals were all treated kindly and understood.  I wonder if he could have ever imagined a rooster who could practice his principals of non violence with such expertise?  

I can sure learn a lot from a peaceful rooster.


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