We Dance in the Darkness

We Dance in the Darkness

You are a small coin–a thread of silver in the sky
your children, ten thousand stars, are tucked in dark blue
you cannot show all yourself tonight

I miss seeing your full face and your playful children
but you are all too tired
You have been working in the mud all day

Planting little Lotus flowers
they are budding, but halfway
waiting for your night light to shine them awake

Soon they will flower fully
and open to you, dear moon and stars
but also to the sun

And finally they will smile
knowingness on their petals
even at the rain and wind

It is all the same-
angels and demons, light and dark
snow and sun, all under your moon’s sweet light

They have grown in a mud so black
but have nothing but your light in them
they are just like their mother

Now I see you everywhere
in the sky with your stars
in the mud with your lotus flowers

You are reflected on the streams
and in my eyes
You smile sometimes shy, sometimes bold in my window

We dance in the darkness
and I am held
just me, you and your ten thousand stars


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