Please Beloved, come away with me.


Please beloved, don’t look so sad. Don’t forget that when you turn your face to the sun and smile the Daffodils have nothing on you.  When you laugh even the river grows quiet to hear you with those sounds speaking of life and love and good memories.

Please beloved, don’t try so hard to change the world.  Our friend Lao Tzu, the old man of Tao, tells us the world is perfect as it is.  I know in first hearing with new ears that makes no sense but sit back in the grace of that thought for a while and let it cradle you. I want to picture you there.

Please beloved, know the Earth seeks balance and finds it.  The faithless and the hopeless may act today in anger or hate but tomorrow they will know what you know, that every path leads us home, every heart can be…

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