#Skinny in 90 days. #Free.

“Really you’re fifty two?” He said, eyes kind of squinting.

“Yes. You thought older huh?”

“Yea, I kind of did. Sorry.”

Here’s what I did to answer him. Steps that work for everyone and cost nothing:

1) I dropped sugar. It was hard at first but once I got used to it which took about two to three weeks it was cake..or should I say carrot.

2) I walked. Instead of taking the car around town and fussing with a parking space I just set out on foot instead. If there were stairs I took them, if there was a hill I walked it. Now if I don’t get a long walk in a day I feel out of sorts. Low impact, no vomiting or heart racing, just walk a little faster each day and you’re there. When you walk you drink more water naturally. That helps your skin look a lot better.

3) Stretch and breathe deeply. Do it early and often. Take three deep breaths into your belly whenever you can, in your car, in the store wherever. When you get up do a little stretching, touch the toes or ankles, move at the waist, lift your arms and open wide. If you’ve been sitting a while stretch. This will reduce tension so you don’t eat thoughtlessly or nervously. I want to also suggest meditation in this routine. Even ten minutes helps.

4) Reduce noise. Strange right? But keeping some silence resets your mind in positive ways. Don’t keep the tv on, in the car go without music, sit for a few minutes at work or wherever you are and be quiet. This ability to be still will increase your intuition. Being able to hear yourself will help you make better choices all the way around for improved health.

5) Okay. You know I have to say it. Eat better. Drink less alcohol. Drinking wine every night or even three to four nights per week will age you. You’ll have saggy eyes and circles. Replace the habit with hot tea. Eat foods rich in vitamins and water–that means veggies and fruits. You don’t need a special smoothie recipe. Eat fruit and drink water in the morning. Have some spinach and dark green leafy foods at lunch and dinner. Cut back on everything that is not a fruit or a veggie.

6) Oil up that skin and brush those teeth. You can buy an expensive face and eye cream or if your skin is dry like most of us over fifty use plain old olive oil at night. Don’t slather it on but use a dime or nickel size and rub it in, including your neck. Don’t forget your hands and feet too. Nothing says old like gnarly hands and feet. Brush and floss twice a day to keep your teeth white and youthful. Try using lemon if your teeth aren’t sensitive, it’s a natural bleach.

7) Keep your hair. Don’t wash your hair every day unless it’s absolutely needed and try not to use a lot of styling products and hot irons. This is death for your aging and drier hair. If you can live with it let your hair just sit on your head unperturbed. Style it with your hands and let it move around. Hair, like you now, dreams of being free.

8) Swelling ankles. We hold water, it makes us swell and it feels bad. Use a pillow and prop your legs up at night, higher than your chest. During the day remember to give your ankles a break and prop them on your desk or wherever you can. Drink even more water than you are now. The more the water, the less swelling.

9) Kick up your heels. Nothing says young like a happy, energetic person. Dance, go listen to music, meet your friends out, watch things that make you laugh. Listen to your own thoughts and find humor. We’re not really meant to be taken seriously nor to be happy and content all the time. The content happy ones got eaten by dinosaurs. Sometimes you’ll feel sad or discontent. It’s no big deal. Find the joy in allowing yourself to be authentic.

10) Don’t try so hard. You’re okay. One day you’re going to die anyway and all that stuff you’re trying to take care of and those things you’re doing will go with you–if you don’t believe it go to an estate sale sometime. Life is meaningless. Leave it to human beings to think this huge Universe born of an explosion is all about us and our purpose. It’s random. Even if it’s not random and there is a destiny–you don’t know it and you probably won’t know the whole thing no matter how in tune you are. So take out an insurance policy-do this one thing- be kind. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Have fun, laugh easily, hug people, hug your dog. Lose your mind and find your heart. Fall in love, have sex. It’s all good. You are all good. Honestly.

I’m not a model or a big or even small financial super star. I have no best selling books and I do not do coaching. Thank God or the Universe or the random luck of it all  for that which is and is not. But one year later I have lost twenty five pounds, have a big old crop of hair, improving skin and I am a whole lot happier with a whole lot less stuff both tangible and intangible.

So here’s one final tip: being healthy and happy should NOT COST YOU MONEY. If you are paying for it, cancel the check. Good food is available in the same store as bad food, getting fit is about getting moving. Unless you are training to be an athlete you don’t need to pay for anything, get moving. You’ll know what do. Stretching and breathing is free and so is sitting in the quiet.  Do not buy stuff, hire people or think you need a guide. You got this. Free.

You’re welcome.




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