Grander Things



The breeze through the trees calls your name as it makes the leaves tremble

The stream is tumbling over the rocks and rests in shallow ponds speaking you

The sound of my feet match my heart beat-I am crying you..

The cold cuts through me, I shiver humility


I give completely and lose completely in matched measure

Stones are standing at my feet, once part of a grander thing

They are like me, remnants scattered here and there

I carry them in my pockets we have so much in common, we are so worn


I wish all things were these; smooth twigs, gentle ferns, orange butterflies

Words falling from my mouth like songs, easily conjured

Instead I am captured in my story and trapped in fairy tales

I am hoping the path falls away to nothingness


It will be good to face the blankness and soft numbness

…good to let the feeling drain from me to a stream of consciousness

that is not fully conscious but in twilight wrapped in forgetting

I am too old for such things, I whisper, as more of a prayer


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