The Tears of Edgar Allen Poe, aka, dedicated to the dumb guy


I would like to give you a knife

I would like to cut you so deeply

you are left with less than half a life

so I give you some advice

“Follow your heart where it leads”

Let it lift you and sail you up in the breeze

until it crashes, cracks and oh how it bleeds

 cause darling, that’s where hearts go

They know only your soul’s destruction

only the dust of daring to say–‘I could love again’

they tie up your mind in absent abduction

even as your thoughts warn and whisper..’’

Hearts have no caring or direction

silly little beasts who sing to themselves

‘…this time is different, this time is perfection’

hearts will make you a fool and a slave

They love simple songs and rotten writing

they run you ’til your vacant and broke

leave you drinking cheap wine and hiding

cause good God-how did this happen again?

Know this: if you follow your heart

what it lacks in reason it does not make up in cunning

better to pour good port and eat it like a tart

it lies if it speaks and cannot tell the sound of truth

So join me now and lift a glass..

here’s to the poorest little rhyme

the most shameless and stupid heart

for coming is no better or hopeful time

Thus is the tale told of losing your mind

and chasing your heart

it leads to this and only this

a pit, a pendulum and pulling yourself apart

The worst fate of all, though, my friend

is the bad poetry of this pen

gone astray from the cracks of this heart

from one to one hundred times ten


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