Blood, bone and breath

here it is again

she looked through me

past me, I vanished

I’m tired of the wobbly bike

spinning its busted wheels

going round and round

to end where it starts

Nothing gained

It’s lost before its found

where can I go?

this road is new but so old

I know it well enough

to hurt me

I don’t know it enough

to save me

Take this gift back

some say is so precious

it shows me nothing now

give it to him instead

The one with the sad eyes

the one who wants all this

blood, breath and bone

maybe he can use it

I’ll finally be out past the butterflies

and the spring moss

and the old bed

with the new sheets

I’ll be past it all

sailing off where souls go

for picnics and punch

and no tedious talk

for the first sip of wine

even when the bottle’s empty

for the last kiss the never ends

or even begins

Because it is out here

it is and always was

it waits but never worries

out past the graves and the grief

Go ahead and give this away

pluck my soul and send it off

until the morning when..

I’ll begin this all again.


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