Ode to Miyoko

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     I longed and I tried.. my struggle so real

to help the burning rage of a dying world

With a planet so fragile no longer could I think just of my meal

The answer came to me clearly, the way unfurled..


    A vegan I am and always will be

But the dream of that one sweet thing nests within

The craving for cheese is so real, you see

then on a cold winter’s wind, she arrived with a grin…


   “Try this product of priceless beauty and cultured nut”

tricked before, my despair had doubled

I can’t trust again..but…but..but

Miyoko I whispered in a prayer so troubled


     This once oh please let it be true

I tasted it slowly, the creation with leaf of a fig

If it’s not good, I thought, I’ll be through

hints of wine and devotion–so big


Miyoko’s Creamery for saving my life

Cultured nut product prepared with a heavenly breeze

I give you my existence at the end of a knife

take what you will just please leave the cheese










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