Angry Onion Meets Matchmaker

I’ll keep it short. Given that I have no clue what I’m doing (clearly) on the subject of dating, love, romance or any part of it I have obtained the services of a matchmaker–old school style with a twist.

I got the idea from watching a documentary about an Indian family living in the US. The 29 year old son wanted to find a nice woman and settle down but trying it the American way was not working out. He wanted what his parents had so he put it in their hands. His parents, both hoping to create an arrangement as had been done for them, got to work. Indians living in the US have a whole system of resumes and contacts. They have a network and prepared “bio data” or love resumes they use. The parents take care of everything, even the data. They claim to have fewer divorces and happier relationships because who knows you better than your parents?

I called my daughter this morning, the person who knows me best and said, “It’s in your hands. Whatever you say. You’re in charge, if you agree.” She jumped in with generosity and enthusiasm.

We are disclosing our process. She is creating the bio data. She will screen the potential matches on line and in person first. If she thinks it’s worth a second look, she’ll let me know. Then he and I will meet and she’ll check in to see if either of us want a call back. It’s like having an agent. I love it.

I can get on with my life and not have to wonder, worry or think about it. The process is transparent. Because my daughter is my matchmaker I am guessing only serious people will want to be involved.

Now I have a coach, an agent and a guide on this dizzy, often difficult path.

But wait–there’s more. I will be taking you along on this adventure. I intend to document the experience. I feel certain no matter what, it will be fun, funny and I will learn things.

Come along and meet the Matchmaker and her mother.

Next episode: Meet the woman who does it all (my beautiful daughter the matchmaker), learn about the bio-data and process.

Plus, we have our first guest columnist from the UK who has some good advice. I’ll be posting that soon.





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