School Tour for Humanity-Can you help?

It starts with that link. Where it ends I do not and cannot know. But the story goes like this:

I’m buying a bus and converting it to my home and I’m driving it on veggie oil to schools and churches speaking to anyone who will listen that kids are homeless, it’s not their fault and they need help. I want homeless kids to hear this too and know that we know it’s not their fault.

I interview so many children and families in my work as a journalist and writer who are forced to live in tents and cars, old garages and abandoned houses that the only thing which surprises me about the reports of homeless kids going to school is that the number isn’t higher. And it’s high-roughly 22 thousand just in Oregon.

I’ve spent the last two years interviewing hundreds of people and documenting their struggle to survive in this economy. These people are the canary in the mine. There will be more and we need to be thinking of compassionate answers–yesterday.

These children make it through school in loose shoes, no coats, nowhere to do homework and with hungry bellies. They hide their homelessness so they can look cool and have friends. They do not have sleepovers, birthday parties or sick days where they snuggle under the blankets and drink hot tea.

I’m going to be a part of changing that one kid and one school at a time by growing understanding and compassion. You are invited to join me. By showing children, teachers, parents and anyone who will listen the following:

  • There are thousands of homeless children
  • It’s not their fault
  • They need help

Since I’m going to be right there in front of folks I’m doubling down by showing one solution–refurbishing small spaces to create livable, comfortable homes. My bus will be where I live while I do this tour, and maybe while I don’t. I’ll have it fixed up with a place to sleep, cook and use the bathroom. It’ll be warm, safe and dry. All on a small budget.

I’m dropping my own money into this project because I know it’s the right thing. If you want to help me help these kids then drop a few bucks in the gofundme []. Let’s make it clear to these children that in no way are they alone.

Through understanding, everything changes.













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