Judah is real

If you’ve been following our book on line, “Breaking Trust” then you know it’s main character, Judah. He is an actual young man who now currently lives in the midwest. I have not used his actual name for his protection.

But I have updates that might give you solace and pause. He’s taken a job as an overnight stocker at Walmart. He is hopeful that this will lift him out of the grinding poverty he’s experienced since being on his own after losing his leg in a farming accident. Judah has been living in a homeless shelter and working on his music and writing. He hopes with his job he’ll eventually make enough money to rent his own apartment.

He’s both hopeful and nervous. It’s hard work and sometimes that can cause his health to suffer. But he wants to be independent and care for himself and others. This is his way.

I just spoke with him and he’s feeling discouraged about losing his written work, poems, lyrics and essays. He writes them all out by hand in small notebooks. Last night a well meaning shelter volunteer did laundry and forgot to check pockets. Judah forgot too. He lost his many pages of work as they went through the wash.

I’d like to buy Judah a nice laptop so he could store his work and have a place to record his music. Does anyone else want to be part of this gift for Judah?

If you’d like to help out here’s a link:


I think he’d love to see a laptop with the names of everyone who cares about him and donated to encourage him.

For those who donate, you’ll receive a notification for taxes and a photo of of the laptop and of Judah with it.

Let’s make this good guy smile.

Thank you,



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