“I’ve loved you for a thousand years..I’ll love you for a thousand more” I sing this anthem to Kyra, the five year old thief of my heart, when I have the joy of seeing her.

She makes me remember obsession, of being possessed of another person so completely that adoration is as normal as morning coffee. I spent the last six weeks with her and remembered that life is about falling more in love every day.  I adore the smell of her hair and the curve of her neck and helping her figure out the right shoe for her foot. Let’s face it we start going down hill after five but she’s still in the pocket, in the air where angels live and I see it reflected in every blink of her blue eyes, in every wave of her soft hair, in the moments especially when she spontaneously reaches for my hand.

What I feel for my grand daughter is love. There is no pretense or rules about it, I just love her and nothing changes that. She could never do anything to alter my view of her. She’s perfect.

I know that’s what love is. Am I wrong to want that and only that in my close relationships? I know I’m swinging for the fences here but I don’t think I’m alone. I see it all the time–people just hoping to make a connection, to feel valued and dare they say… understood or even loved? I ask the question when I know the answer–I’m not wrong–love is possible and probably right next to you.

For instance, I stood next to my dear fried Paul tonight. We listened to music together and I found myself hugging him regularly. I noticed him swaying with the beats and the darling way of his spectacular smile. Ahh..there it was– love. Yes, again, adoration. He could never change my belief in him. He is Superman and Spiderman but a bit cooler. That’s just fact.

I keep coming back to this: there are so many ways to love and they all count, there are so many ways to receive blessings and it’s all a gift. My best beloveds please know than no matter where you travel or what you seek you are being kissed on the forehead and loved each night. You are not now and never were alone. Love is all around you. Open your arms and your heart to it all.

You have been loved through all your lives. That’s how you came to be.

Peace– sweet peas..sleep well.


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