Julie Akins is a long time, award winning journalist, teacher and published author of the book “common miracles; Gifts from a Grateful Universe.”.

She is the proud News Director of the NBC affiliated television station in gorgeous Southern Oregon and mother to two grown children and grandmother to a four year old grand daughter.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Julie, I’ve been reading your posts on Facebook for a while. Always entertaining. But I’m so happy you started a blog. A better venue for your whipsaw mind and killer instincts, I think. Your sincerity, your humor, your willingness to trust yourself…keep it coming. It’s what the world needs now. Ellen Heine


  2. Wow Ellen, thank you so much! I had no idea I had killer instincts but it makes me feel pretty bad ass that you think so. I’ll keep it coming for lack of a choice. If I don’t write and express i explode. I’m just glad it’s reaching you. You really make my millennium.


  3. hey, Julie, looking to find more about you and landed here. your response to the Lived Practice of Nonviolence exploration caught me big time and I want to know more about you :))


    1. Joanna-thanks for your curiosity. I am a thirty year veteran of television, print and radio news. I used to call myself an “itinerant journalist” because I roamed around the country in so many newsrooms. I worked the last five years managing the NBC station in Southern Oregon, prior to that I was an on air reporter at KRON 4 in San Francisco. The resume goes deep back to the eighties. I’ve done investigative work and turned an hour long documentary which helped change the child protection laws in Florida. Now I teach at Southern Oregon University in journalism and video production. Additionally, I serve a few other non profits around town. I have also been community supported by either declining pay or going wherever I am asked for whatever the form of currency will be without question or negotiation. As a result I live quite small but feel at peace (most of the time). I follow the tracks of non violence and want to serve and learn how to do that better each day as a life goal. These are the vows I follow:
      “Creations are numberless, I vow to free them. Delusions are innumerable, I vow to transform them. Reality is boundless, I vow to perceive it. The awakened way is unsurpassable, I vow to embody it.” I know I won’t achieve that but it’s still my vow daily. Thank you for asking me!


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